The Risks and Benefits of implementing Enterprise 2.0

Implementing an Enterprise 2.0 environment causes massive change within a workplace as work processes evolve, new technologies are deployed and organisational structures change. Further more, potential risks and benefits of Enterprise 2.0 will vary depending upon the organisation.

Case Study:  The Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA)

The 9/11 Commission set a directive for the Defence Intelligence Agency to improve and deepen their collaborative work processes with other intelligence agencies.  The DIA understood that various Web 2.0 technologies were becoming essential for analysts to collaborate effectively when shifting through military operation support data.

The DIA initially launched the Intellipedia wiki in 2004 on a top-secret network that links all government agencies known as the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communication System (JWICS). The Intellipedia provided DIA analysts with the ability to author, edit and comment on information from other analysts in real time.



~ Reduced Email overload

~  Easier access to expertise and intelligence capabilities

~ Efficient dissemination of information – RSS feeds notified Analysts when new information on wiki pages they were monitoring was updated or changed.

~ Quicker access to resources.

~  Acceleration of team interaction.


~ Loss information control.

~ Security issues

~   Reliability of information were primarily mitigated by internal regulation and culture within the DIA.


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