Corporate Blogging / Micro Blogging strategy / IGC

This week I’m going to discuss about Corporate Blogging strategies and how can enhance branding, collaboration, connect with leaders to build better relationship with customers.


What is Micr-Blogging means…?

It’s a social method of communication which enables people to communicate with each other through a series of post and also called as tweets. In another words we would like to know what other people doing, watching, listening, writing or reading because human have an inquisitive nature.  Apart from that, people dont know what Micro-Blogging but they talking and using in some form.


The good example of Micro-Blogging is Twitter, which is a Micro – Blogging platform. The short ‘micro’ nature of the ‘tweets’ means it is quickly to post and easily consumable by readers. However, there was an one of the reason of using Micro-Blogging are openness, flexibility and simplicity.


What is the International Geological Congress (IGC)…?


The Australian Geological Council is the organising body which is responsible for the 34th Geological Congres.  So International Geological Congress will be held from the 5th to 10th August in next year. Also International Geological Congress is a forum for presenting scientific results across the whole spectrum of the geosciences. Some of the  facilities in IGC are encourage international networking, holding business meetings and provides an opportunity to study geological features of the interest.


There were some major stakeholders for IGC in next year such as Australian Geoscience Council (AGC), Australian Government, BHP Billiton, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), The University of Queensland (UQ), Rowland, and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).





So, every major event they will face many issues and challenges to achieve their goals. As it is a big event, IGC were expecting around 6,000 to 7,00 delegates to attend their event.  However, there are some factors which are going to affect people’s decisions.


* General raise in living cost in Australia such as accommodation, transportation and food.

* The Global Finance Crisis has affected on the AUS currency which resulting more expenses for these delegates to put out compared to the previous event.


How we going to use Micro-Blogging as a strategy to overcome the issues and achieve the goal…???

I think the strategy is using a blog to advertise events such as advertise their informations regarding the events. As a result of advertise IGC able to connect with readers and companies. So, that blog will provide readers with information the events which means what the conference and events about, etc. Although IGC has to post those news on a daily or weekly basis because that helps readers to absorb what’s happening and knowing more about the events. Then readers able to comment on each new post and easier for company to respond them.


Apart from that, Twitter is another Micro-Blogging platform which helps followers up-to date on the progress leading up to the event. So IGC can use Twitter to advertise the event and IGC will be able to ‘tweet’ links to their website where followers can view events information, what event is all about and including the conference etc.



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