Wiki’s Strategy for International Geological Congress

This week I’m going to discuss about Wiki’s strategy for International Geological Congress including a brief introduction about Wiki and how to implement the those strategies..

At first, What is Wiki…..?

This will gives you a short brief…..

It’s a web site which allows everyone edit and update information within the website. But it depends on the privacy settings. Wiki is considered to be a collaborate tool where people able to take away work from particular people. If you more interested about wiki more…. please click here…. 

So how IGC will benefit from using wiki and what are the strategies of using Wiki…??

There were two strategies which IGC able to use Wiki as a communication method except using emails and also using Wiki to edit and create topics for the events. At First, Wiki  is using instead of emails and Wiki could be use as a communication method between sponsors and stakeholders. So IGC able to discuss various types of topics and the event for Geology Science.

The Second strategy is information regarding the event. So IGC and stakeholder able to create topics which will be discussing during the event. The benefit form this strategy are balancing work load from the employees and sharing knowledge to everyone. This gives new opportunity to create new ideas and helpful to next events.

What are the implementation for Wiki…?

At first, the Wiki has to be set as private or internal for stakeholders and sponsor. Then, those people only can create and edit topic and also information would be stakeholders, employees or sponsors.

The second strategy, Wiki has to be set as public so that, outside people able to view and read the information regarding IGC. But IGC has to disable edit function and restricted in copy information from the Wiki. So outside people able to view information and get the idea from the Wiki.

At the end, Wiki has to enable the collaborative work load between the employee to edit and add information from Wiki platform.



About Wiki

Wiki in plain english




4 responses to this post.

  1. Ahh, I see you have ideas of implementing a wiki both internally AND externally

    yeah it’d be good to implement a wiki so users can discuss things during the events, nice post!


  2. hi ,that’s a great post,I would like to know since every users can edit and save it,how can IGC avoid or eliminate that….


    • Hi…..Thanks…
      For IGC has to limit the edit and save function from their Wiki page.. So they have to change security settings then they can avoid from that…


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