Social Networking Strategies + International Geological Conference

This week I’m going to discuss some social networking strategies such as Facebook, Google Docs, DropBox and Youtube. All these social networking tools which are going to help IGC to reach their goals and objectives. So this post includes some strategies of using Social Networking tools and define those tools and how can IGC address and achieve IGC objectives.


At first, We have to know the definition of Social Networking…..

What is mean by Social Networking….?

Social Networks which are tools for creating an online community.  These communities allow people to create personal profiles and connect through that profiles, add more people, send messages, upload photos and videos. Also Social Network provides some features such as liking content and  pages, tagging and joining groups. However, people wants to share their information with others and willing to know other’s information as well then they able to have a connection with each other.

Following video shows that how connecting with others over a Social Network can provide many benefits.


Facebook is the most used Social Network tool in the world. According to David Cowling (2011), Facebook has more than 10 million activate users. Also, Facebook as a Social Network service owes its popularity to the fact is easy to use platform and user friendly because user does not need to have a good knowledge about technology.

For an example: when I signed in and tried Facebook, I’m very happy because this platform was offered me to meet new people and socialize. Then I started to get connected with my childhood friends, high school and college friends finally I had lost all the contacts and hacked my Facebook account from hacker. It was an amazing experience.


Google Docs is the another famous Social Network. Google is the company which offers this cloud computing service.

This application are not tied to a particular computer also there was no software to download and install. That’s the most advantage fact of this service. So user able to connected to internet and access Google Docs even though use can access the same file from anywhere because each user saves information to the cloud system.The other fact was online collaboration which means, multiple users can make edits to the same files at the same time.

However, I found that Google Docs is more important for my assignments and groups projects for similar reasons, which are, I do not need to create many documents and also y able to edit, share those documents with my other group partners. Because it’s time consuming and easy to collaborate with other members.


Dropbox is other most popular cloud service which lets you to store, sync and share files over the internet, which means, this is a free service and lets you bring your photos, videos and docs anywhere and share them easily. This video gives you a rough idea about Dropbox.

The Dropbox users able to see the file system usage analytics. According to the dropbox forums, “The managers says that, in the future, the way of sync will be change”. So I think, the automatically sync will be accessed in frequently.

However, I found that, Dropbox is very useful for my group works specially in assignments. Because Dropbox gave me free access and usage upto 2GB capacity. So I can sync my files into the cloud service and use those files through my Mac and Android phone.


The YouTube is the leader in online video and premier destination to watch and share original videos to the worldwide. Also YouTube allows user to post and tag videos and watch those videos posted by others, post comments, create and participate in topical groups.

Even though, YouTube ties into some blogging applications and giving users a quick way to blog regarding particular video including with a link to it.

How ever, personally YouTube is  very useful for me to save famous videos which I watch it before and leave comments on famous videos. Also I can create a profile and able to upload videos and post it to the web. Then others able to comment on my videos and get connected with me. One of the advantage was, I can share videos in other Social Network such as Facebook and Twitter.


Next I’m going to discuss about the strategy of using Social Networking for IGC….


There were few strategies that IGC have to focus on. The service that would be provide to the community by using Social Networks. Because, Social media users wanted to find out which organisation offers great experience and adventure with simplicity and creativity to them.

For an example, ITunes uses Facebook as one of the most used Social Network in the world to indirectly promote their products items. So ITunes has indirectly made their brand known to the network. This is a best way to advertise ITunes using Social Network in order to attract more customers.

Therefore, If IGC able to make a profile or fan page on Facebook then people able to share it with their friends by using the share or Like button. As a result of that people who are extended network to see and find out about IGC events and conference. Although, if IGC able to make a Facebook event page, they able to invite people to it. So people can invite their friends to the event as well as to help spread it around. These strategies are very easy to implement and increase with no extra work from the IGC.

How ever, using these strategies will be ensure delegates attendance. Also make an awareness of the event and having a better communication method with future delegates and specially the people who are interested about the IGC events.



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11 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by evanwarburton on October 16, 2011 at 12:56 pm

    Good overview of the different tools but how do you think the IGC can make the best use each of them?


  2. Really good post! I do however think that the post was too long – general rule of thumb is about 500 – 600 words. But all in all a good post of the different tools the IGC can utilise.


  3. Great post… I can agree with your strategies…


  4. I like this post, it proves you have a strong understanding of many different social media tools, but also the smarts to know which ones will go well for IGC

    yeah, a facebook like page is definitely one answer (and a strong one at that) to IGCs need for web presence, good points mate!


  5. Great post! Your introductions of those social media tools are clear to understand. And I agree with you that if IGC implement a Facebook fan page, it can attract more potential delegates.


  6. Very detailed post on the social networks so great job! I noticed you mentioned making a profile or fanpage for IGC though – I thought only individuals should have profiles (in Facebook’s terms of service) so the most suitable would be to have a fanpage?


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